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For those who don't beleive the promise to Abraham and wonder why I do. click here

Sir Isaac Newton [AD 1643-1727] 84 years old when he died, is widely held by the scientific community as the most influential and insightful scientist in the history of mankind, even compared to Imhotep [Egyptian 27th century BC], Pythagorus [Greek 6th century BC], even Einstein [German 20th century AD]. Newton was one of Einstein's heroes. He kept a portrait of Newton in his study. Newton had written volumes on gravity, co-invented calculus to prove universal gravitation, insights into optics and the nature of light, nature of heat, nature of sound, as well as human history and ethics and morality. He also wrote on a subject on which he wrote more than all other subjects combined; a subject which he felt compelled to hide.

His voluminous writings which he felt compelled to hide were on the text of the Hebrew scriptures. The manuscripts were closely held by his family until 1936 when Newton's copius works on the subject were auctioned off. However, it would still be a few decades until these works were noticed by the world. At which time Newton's reverence for the Hebrew scriptures became obvious to the modern scientific community to the chagrin of many scientists who feel themselves above the notion of a Creator.

It is in deference to Newton, one of my greatest heroes, that I make public also my own thoughts on the Hebrew scriptures, the Law, the Histories, books of wisdom, the Gospels and the Epistles (commentaries on the Hebrew scriptures.) All one Abrahamic, Israelitish, Jewish book seamless in theme, single in subject, -the promise made to Abraham alone by the Creator Himself, comprised of self consistent complexity greater than humanly possible. In a word "Venerable." Moses was truly the greatest thinker whom mankind has ever had the privaldge of hosting. With whom Jesus of Nazareth not only agrees but elevates him along with Abraham and David to this same position of veneration.

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Key West, FL
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