Jerry Wickey

POBox 1836
201 William St
Key West, FL 33040

800 722 2280
305 896 6295
I maintain passive income from investment real estate, and live on my 65 foot cabin cruiser in Key West. I actively pursue interesting and challenging coding work. I am independently minded and creative. I understand that building a better mousetrap does not force the world to beat a path to ones door. Some one must also sell the mousetrap.

I respect sales and management as partners with creativity to success. A good fit between employer and employee results in benefits for both.

It is often difficult to accurately assess a coder's skill. To that end, I provide below, for your immediate on-line review, my own programmer's test and a sample of my work exemplifying exploitation of AJAX (utilizing javascript and PHP) to synch multiple devices via HTTP only.

Programmer's test -

The test has four questions.

For the personnel executive who also codes, You can see the advantage and how to use this resource immediately.

For a non-coding personnel executive, such as the one who may be reading this, the time required for a prospective hire to complete the test is the best gauge of his or her ability. An excellent programmer breezes through in less than 15 minutes. If a prospective hire takes more than an hour, you don't want him, regardless of the quality of his answers.

Your firm is welcome to use this test. It does not utilize any server side resources, so simply copy the source code and use as you see fit.

Sample software -

Synch up multiple devices by simply tapping the same color sequence on each device. This software exemplifies my capabilities in real time computing (RTC,) real time customer response and communication.

Recent projects
3D Replication Station Interactive maps, forum and marketplace. All of which I developed.
Heirs of Abraham Seamless integration of robust encryption and security. Exemplifies software that allows interactive user driven content.
Molecular Evolution Adjust the variables and observe numerical software simulation of molecular evolution leading to speciation. Search the text of the Christian Bible for ideas and concepts not just the spelling of words.
Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic Perform arithmetic functions on obscenely large or small numbers to arbitrary precision.
My iPhone app let one hear the sequence of nucleotides in human mitochondrial DNA as musical notes. However, I discontinued it due to lack of interest. I write native iPhone and Android apps for an extra fee.
Webloid A marketing idea:  bringing the supermarket tabloid marketing model to the web with consumer driven content.
TravelzOOOm Interactive travel software shows users where cabs are in real time and allows them to hail a cab with a single click. This software provides advertisers the ability to advertise in real time and for user proximity.
My Proprietary Function Library I offer the function library gratis, pro bono. It offers robust public key encryption for web pages without requiring SSL as well as AJAX and other useful functions.

References and contanct informaiton upon request

I do not have a Bachelor's degree. I dropped out of Purdue University in 1986 to take advantage of a time intensive real estate opportunity. The same one which provides my current passive income.

On college, I simply ran the numbers. College didn't add up and this opportunity did. I always run with the numbers, never against. It's a creative resolve.